strategies & solutions

sales & marketing management for senior living industry

Do you have a competitive edge? Does your sales and marketing program offer the most innovative and incisive solutions? If not, step back and assess from a straight up, hands-on, in-depth, 360-degree view.

Everything we do is intentionally focused on supporting one central goal:

Whether newly-opened or market established, expanding or redeveloping, you are always in the stage of marketing -- growing your lead base, wait list, market area and market share, appointment demand, referrals or closing rate -- all in an effort to offset attrition, achieve occupancy levels and enhance revenue.

Straight up, hands-on, in-depth, 360-degree view:

  • Marketing Management Support Services
  • Sales & Marketing Tools
  • REPS Leads
  • Product & Program Market Appeal
  • Event Planning & Management
  • Turnkey Sales Development
  • Marketing Communications Content Management
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Brand Development, Media and Advertising

Our organization was poised to expand very quickly during a time of unprecedented growth in our market. Innisfree gave us the tools to reevaluate our current service offerings and then offered effective solutions. What a difference Innisfree made!

Tim Stuteville
Associate Executive Director
Querencia Barton Creek
formerly with
The Wesleyan at Scenic

Thanks to Innisfree for their observations and their honesty -- they were refreshing and gave our organization cause to think in a different direction.

Phil Elmore
President & CEO
Christian Care Centers