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senior living market plan development

Without a vision, there can be no market plan. Without a market plan, there may be no sales and marketing strategy. Without a consciously, pre-determined vision, market plan, and sales and marketing strategy, there can be no success.

Market plan development requires more than simply dusting off last year's market plan, reviewing historical occupancy and competitive intelligence. Your market plan requires a full understanding of the internal factors that impact external image and awareness, and drive or deter occupancy for every product, program and service you offer.

A well-crafted and executed market plan is a step-by-step, data-driven road map, with occupancy objectives and tasks that are specific, measurable, achievable and accountable – to appropriately gauge results.

Innisfree has been a great resource for admission and marketing issues...they have a way of getting right to the source of the problem and developing strong market plans. Innisfree's assistance in our Indiana market not only increased census...we have continued to dominate the market.

Ken Robbins
President & CEO
CHE-Trinity Senior Living Communities