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senior living marketing audits

The new reality for senior living and care is a coordinated model of service and care that is information-driven and highly accountable for cost and outcomes.

The stakes are simply higher.

Our internal and external marketing audits establish a strategic direction and desired outcome, all in an effort to identify shifts in market support and drive market position for every product, program and service you offer.

Internal Market Assessment

Whether a community or campus, your organization must be able identify the internal factors that impact building and achieving occupancy levels.

Internal intelligence gathered identifies the strengths, opportunities and underutilized resources specific to product, program and payer, and service and care delivery model. Assessment incorporates staff time and task allocation, sales and marketing functions and programs, customer service, lead management and data analysis, admissions/move-ins and discharges/move-outs, market share, brand identity, marketing communication and community awareness.

Acute Care Market Input and Perception

Are you ready for the new post-acute paradigm? Does your organization have a clear picture of opportunities and challenges, critical to establishing a strategic direction and forecasting future growth under Health Care Reform?

Market intelligence gathered identifies acute care providers' growth and expansion strategies; parent organizations and network affiliations; physician networks; senior living and care initiatives; and, emerging acute care facilities, ancillary services and growth in access points of care.

We are very pleased with the work provided to Pilgrim Manor. The Internal Market Assessment was thorough, provided considerable detail which exceeded expectation, and Innisfree's support following the delivery of the report results has been helpful and much appreciated. The report has been continuously referred to in the work underway to improve our marketing effort and our position in the community. Our CEO and I are both pleased and agree that value was received for the cost.  It was an excellent investment for us.

Karen J. Messick, MPA, LNHA
Executive Director
Pilgrim Manor, Inc.