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Are your past mystery shops solving the real mystery behind sales performance and occupancy levels of your nursing home or senior living facility?

Mystery shops have long been a viable tool in the senior living and care marketer's kit. Mystery shops provide organizations with useful insight concerning critical components of their sales and marketing program such as customer service reception, sales discovery and profiling, tour and brand presentation, and provision of collateral materials, database management and follow-up – to name a few.

Yet, conversely, the most commonly employed mystery shop methodology of one phone call or one walk-in visit often results in a rather limited "moment in time" glimpse. With the rise of Internet and social media, and a more sophisticated customer, the "moment in time" mystery shop may no longer offer the most thorough and reliable evaluation of the lengthier and highly relationship-based dynamics of senior living and care sales.

Innisfree has provided excellent service to Wesley Manor. We would recommend Patty and her team to anyone seeking help with their marketing efforts. During a recent engagement, the mystery shops and subsequent report was extremely helpful to us in improving our marketing and sales efforts. The objective feedback we received was very valuable. Patty developed an instant rapport with our staff and helped us uncover some issues that needed attention. We hope to have Patty come back for any future needs that we have.

Ron Kelly
Executive Director
Presbyterian Village North in Dallas
Formerly with
Wesley Manor, Inc.
President and CEO